Water Lettuce Leaf Moth

Spodoptera pectinicornis (Hampson)
[Family: Noctuidae]

Scientific name status: formerly Namangana pectinicornis

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Spodoptera pectinicornis, a moth, is a biological control agent for water lettuce. This moth has a very short life cycle, approximately 35 days, with the larval stage lasting 17-20 days. The adult moth does not feed on water lettuce, however, the larvae does and is capable of significant damage. Spodoptera pectinicornis larvae are fairly large which means that fewer larvae can cause more damage.


Spodoptera pectinicornis, a moth, is a native specie of Thailand and was imported into Florida, and quarantined for research in 1986. Spodoptera pectinicornis was widespread in India and was reported to be very destructive to water lettuce. Since its arrival in Florida it has been released in the United States for the biological control of water lettuce. This moth was released in Texas for research in 1991 at Brazos Bend State Park.

Weeds Affected

This weevil is a biological agent for Water Lettuce.



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