Water Lettuce Leaf Weevil

Neohydronomus affinis Hustache
[Family: Curculionidae]

Scientific name Status: Previously incorrectly referred to as Neohydronomus pulcellus Hustache

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Neohydronomus affinis is a weevil that is released for the biological control of water lettuce. These weevils have a very short life cycle, approximately 30 days, which allows for quick establishment of populations. The adult weevils feed on the leaf, while the larvae attack the inside of the leaf.


Neohydronomus affinis, a weevil, is a native species of South America and was first introduced into Australia in the early 1980’s for the biological control of water lettuce. In Australia Neohydronomus affinis was extremely effective, reducing water lettuce infestation by40% or more within 12-18 months. This weevil was released in Texas in 1991 in test plots at Lake Dunlap, Guadalupe County. Additional releases of this weevil for research are currently being conducted in the Brazos Bend State Park.

Weeds Affected

This weevil is a biological agent for Water Lettuce.

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