Field Bindweed Mite

Aceria malherbe Nuzzaci
[Acarina: Eriophyidae]

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Adult and immature bindweed gall mites form galls on the growing tips of the leaves and stem buds. Mites feed along the midrib of the leaves and form galls which result in twisted or folded leaves. Mites cause stem buds to form compact clusters of stunted leaves or they fail to elongate.


The bindweed gall mite was first introduced into Texas in 1989 from Greece, France, and Italy by USDA- ARS.


This mite is now established around Amarillo.


Methods to redistribute the bindweed gall mite and document the impact are now being studied (Michels 1999).

Weeds Affected

This mite is known only to attack field bindweed.


Michels, J. 1999. Gall mite shows promise against field bindweed. Texas Biological Control News. Texas Agr. Ext. Service. TAMU System. Allen Knutson, editor.


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